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February 24, 2018
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The most amazing thing is in the global market Printing industry plays an important role nowadays. As people think that printing that industry is dead but as we think that we do not know that the printing machine has grown very fast in this generation. The print industry has changed so many revolutionary changes for past so many years that attract the people. Due to the available technologies, our printing sector grows fast.

Different stages of printing industry

The most important three stages in this printing industry are

  • The first type is said to be prepress this type is used in the preparation of the materials that we are going to print is said to be prepress.

  • The second type is said to be press or output that it is said to be the actual printing process of printing which prints and produce the outputs.

  • The last and final type is said to be post press or finishing that it is related to folding or binding of the printed sheets that altogether make a final form of the printing.

Services or product offered

The service or product offered to the customers are in wide range and are produced to customers by this amazing printing type of industries. The magazine or books or very small newspaper are some of the examples for these printing products, were we can include our mail, labels or our marketing material which is in need for our printing purpose.

Segments and developments of printing

The stages of segments in the printing industry is divided or broken into 12 different kinds of segments that it is for printing methods in which our products are being produced. And there are different kinds of printing and among that the one printing is said to be the screen printing in which it is used for printing the clothes.

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